What to expect at First Baptist on Sunday...

In worship services:

Just as God made chocolate and vanilla ice cream because people like different things, so people are often drawn to different worship styles.  We offer two different styles of worship services and you can attend the one you feel most comfortable with or alternate between them, whatever you prefer!  Both feature many of the same elements - prayers, songs, a sermon (talk) based on the Bible - they're just presesnted a little differently.  Either service lasts about an hour and you won't have to do anything you don't want to do.

Our Traditional-style worship service is "traditional" in the sense that the songs we sing to express our praise to God are hymns from our hymnal, which are accompanied by an organ (and sometimes, a piano).  It also usually includes a special song by our choir.  While it is far from formal, men typically wear either dress pants and a shirt or a suit jacket with shirt and tie.  Women usually wear a dress, a blouse and skirt, or blouse and pants.  We value your presence more than what you're wearing, however, so come in what feels comfortable to you.

During the service, we usually stand to sing but remain seated otherwise. There will be several prayers and a reading from the Bible.  An offering plate will be passed around in which, out of gratitude for all God provides, we give a portion of our money to show our thankfulness and support the work of the church.  You DO NOT have to give anything if you don't want to.  Finally, there's a sermon, which is a talk by the Pastor, who explains the Bible and helps us see its wisdom and relevance to our lives.

Our Contemporary-style worship service sings songs led by a praise team who play guitars, drums, and keyboard.  Most folks dress in jeans or casual clothes.

This service includes an extended time of singng praise songs to God, as well as prayers and a sermon (a talk from the Bible).  Offering plates are placed at each door.  As in the traditional service, we give some of our money back to God to show our gratitude and support the work of our church.  You DO NOT have to give anything if you don't want to.

In Sunday School:

Sunday School is a graded system of classes from nursery through adult, designed to help us learn and understand what the Bible teaches.  Using age-appropriate materials, children and youth have fun discovering the wisdom that is contained in the Bible.  Grades nusery through 6th are located in the lower level of the main church building while 7th-12th are in "The Lighthouse", our youth building located just across the parking lot behind the church.  Adults have classes on the upper level of the main church building.  THERE ARE NO TESTS, just people having a good time learning more about God and getting to know each other!